Support Sarah CHUNG’s nomination to be the MPP for Scarborough Southwest

Why should we vote for Sarah CHUNG

1. Sarah, 49, a mother of 2 boys and a former teacher. She is very concerned about parental rights and they must be protected.

2. She is passionate about serving the community as demonstrated in her career as a public servant in the municipal, provincial and the federal governments of Canada. She understands how the government works. She prefers to be a policy maker instead of a policy communicator.

3. She is an Immigration officer of Canada and a member of the Constitution Committee for the Conservative Party of Canada. She has met countless immigrants, and understood the hardships of new immigrants. She will do her best with her knowledge, experience and capabilities to create jobs, improve education and qualification for all learners, implement community safety plan, promote mental health and rehabilitation centres, reduce hydro rate, eliminate carbon tax, and promote cultural exchange.

4. She was awarded scholarship to study at the University of Ottawa as an international graduate student in 1993. She also graduated from Wilfrid Laurier University with an MBA. She is a role model of many foreign students, foreign workers and immigrants in Canada.

Education and Experience

1. M.A., M.B.A., Ph.D. candidate in education. More than 20 years of teaching experience in taekwondo, fitness, corporate and school environments.

2. Inducted into Taekwondo Hall of Fame & appointed as Technincal Advisor for this prestigious international organization. Taekwondo with black belt 6th Dan, quarterfinalist in 1992 Barcelona Olympics as a Taekwondo athlete, gold medalist of 1992 Asian Taekwondo Championship, International Referee in taekwondo. Sarah is also a Fitness Instructor for the City of Toronto. She is a lifelong member of the International Olympic Academy under the International Olympic Committee (IOC). She understands hard work, determination and perseverance to achieve goals.

3. She won 1st place at the 1998 National MBA Stock Market Competition sponsored by the Toronto Stock Exchange. She contributed to the Canadian economy when she served as an economist for the Financial Market Division of Finance Canada.

* As a lifetime member of the International Olympic Academy in Olympia, Greece, she will promote the Olympic movement of “Faster, Higher, Stronger”. Olympic Spirit strives to inspire and to motivate the youth of the world to be the best they can be through educational and entertaining interactive challenges. Olympic Spirit seeks to develop the values and ideals of Olympism in those who visit and to promote tolerance and understanding in these increasingly troubled times in which we live, to make our world a more peaceful place.

Working Experience

1. Canadian immigration officer for ten years.

2. Worked at Ontario Financing Authority, Finance Canada and Service Canada for approximately 7 years.

3. Worked as Management Consultant in a private sector.

* She is familiar with the Ontario market economy and social services.

Outreach Experience

As a Foreign Service Officer for Canada, she had the experience to work at the Canadian Consulate in Hong Kong and the Canadian Embassy in New Delhi, India. Fluent in English, Cantonese, Mandarin, Hakka, Fujian (Minnan), Malay, Indonesian, familiar with French and Korean.

* She understands immigrants of various backgrounds. God has given her a gift for languages and a sense of cultural sensitivity to serve the community.

Please support and vote for Sarah Chung!

How to support Sarah Chung:

1. You must become a member of the Ontario Progressive Conservative before you can vote for Sarah at the Nomination Meeting to be a voice for the community.

2. Riding: south of Eglington Avenue East, 401 north, between Victoria Park and Markham Road. See riding map for detail.

3. The membership fee for the Ontario PC is $10. Please join online at: https://secure.ontariopc.com/Partyjoin.

4. On candidate nomination/polling day, please take 10 minutes to vote for Sarah Chung.

Please support Sarah today!